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Scrum Master Full Time

PT. Putera Griya Sentosa
Kota Surakarta
Industri: Lainnya

  •  Posted: 20 Jun 2019
  •  Kota Surakarta , Jawa Tengah
  •  Status kerja: Tetap
  •  Cara lamar: Online

 Deskripsi Lowongan

A retail transformation startup in Solo, Central Java, is seeking a Product Manager to join the team. Our team is a group of dedicated individuals working to provide the best service possible to our customers using the most innovative solutions. We provide excellent benefits and an engaging workplace with talented, friendly coworkers.


We are looking for folks that are motivated, enjoy a team environment, understand business needs, and want to help each other succeed. Our agile environment includes a mix of Scrum and Kanban and an understanding of both is vital for success in this role.


You will work closely with software engineers, product managers, and QA members among others to get high-quality projects built, tested, and shipped on a regular cadence. You’ll be the go-to person for answering all questions about project progress, quality, and challenges.

 Persyaratan Umum



  • Run the day-to-day Scrum meetings and help remove roadblocks
  • Facilitate getting the work done without coercion, explicit assigning, and without dictating the work
  • Regularly communicate status updates to contributors on the team and to executives and managers
  • Help develop plans and schedules with milestones
  • Remove or escalate impediments, or help guide team on how to overcome impediments
  • Guide the team on how to get the most of out self-organization
  • Encourage an environment where open discourse can be had without fear of blame, retribution, or judgment
  • Lead by example: use a servant leadership relationship to support and inspire the team
  • Facilitate discussion, decision making, and conflict resolution
  • Support and educate the Product Owner as necessary and relay the team’s sentiment

 Persyaratan Khusus

Pendidikan : Minimal S1
Jurusan : S-1 Sistem Informasi, S-1 Management Informatika, S-1 Teknik Informatika, D-4 Teknik Komputer dan Jaringan
IPK Minimal : 2.75



  • Excellent project management skills
  • Ability to develop relationships with both internal contributors and external stakeholders
  • Thoughtfulness when it comes to keeping internal contributors and external stakeholders informed
  • Knowledge and experience with Scrum, Kanban, agile and other processes
  • Good skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency
  • Aptitude to explain technical hurdles and recommendations to executives and managers

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