Lowongan Pekerjaan

DevOps Engineer

Full Time

PT. Putera Griya Sentosa

Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Industri: Lainnya

  • Posted: 20 Jun 2019
  • Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah
  • Status kerja: Tetap
  • Cara lamar: Online

Deskripsi Lowongan

A retail transformation startup in Solo, Central Java, is seeking a DevOps Engineer to join the team. The candidate is responsible to liaise between operations, IT security, product and development on deployment standards and best practices.

Persyaratan Umum

Responsibilities include:

  • Automate everything
  • Continuously improve our visibility into our systems and applications with advanced monitoring, metrics and log analytics
  • Identify root causes on critical problems throughout the platform, and take necessary steps to resolve them
  • Build and deploy tools to ensure the health and reliability of the Ruangguru.com platform
  • Help build our product release workflow and continuous delivery system
  • Work on the command line (familiar with *NIX Systems, Git, and Sys Admin Tools)

Persyaratan Khusus

PendidikanMinimal S1
JurusanS-1 Teknik Informatika, S-1 Sistem Informasi, S-1 Ilmu Komputer, S-1 Teknik Komputer, D-4 Teknik Informatika
IPK Minimal2.75


  • Bachelor degree in informatics engineering, information system, computer science, or equivalent with minimum 2 years of working experience in system administrator, or similar position
  • Strong background in Linux administration
  • Experience working with configuration management like Chef, Puppet or Ansible Experience working with MySQL
  • Knowledgeable in AWS, Jenkins, Capistrano, Docker, Vagrant and other deployment tools
  • Proficient with monitoring tools like Nagios, Graphite, Monit, or Ganglia
  • Self-starter with strong self-management skills, strong attention to detail
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