Mitosis Sdn. Bhd.

PT Mitosis Cipta Indonesia 23/F ANZ Tower Jalan Jend Sudirman Kav. 33A 10220 Jakarta, Indonesia Tel: +6221 29546823
Bidang Industri: Perikanan

Mitosis is a performance marketing agency based in Malaysia & Indonesia. In short, we are online salesman. We help clients in the insurance, retail, travel, telecommunication and education industry to generate online sales by building and operating their digital distribution channel.

How are we different from most other agencies?

We don't charge based on man-hours and media commission, our clients pay us with sales commission.

How does that affect the nature of our client relationship?

Our clients don't buy activities, they buy the reassurance of guaranteed results.

How does that affect the way we work?

Since our client do not pay for our activities, we don't work based a narrow client's brief. We have greater strategic and tactical control over our campaigns. And since we are only paid when sales occur, our true paymaster is the consumer. Thus, our people are obsessive about analyzing and interpreting consumer insight and optimizing performance based on testing and consumer's feedback.