PT. Graha Farma

Jl. Radjiman no 296
Bidang Industri: Kesehatan dan Pelayanan

Established in 1988, PT. Graha Farma. is a developing pharmaceutical industry. For almost two decades we have succeeded in widening distribution network throughout Indonesia. Our products can be found nation wide. The investment of human resources, of course plays an essential role in determine the achievement of the target and idea of our company.

To carry out it's production activities, the company is supported by machines and equipments that can be grouped in to several divisions, such as Medicine Production Divison, Quality Control, Research and Development, etc. With the increase of market demand for our products and to expand its business the company builds a new factory outside the existing factory. The new factory is located at Kaliwuluh village, Kebakkramat District, Karanganyar for about 50,000 sqm width for facility produce from available area total 200,000 sqm width.

PT Graha Farma understands the challenges and responsibility of companies who produce and distribute pharmaceutical products. To respons Its, manufacturing solution are developed for good manufacturing environment and productions plans are equipped with modern machines with well trained employed to produce pharmaceutical products as per International GMP Standards.