PT Astra International Tbk - Isuzu Sales Operation

Jl Danau Sunter Utara Blok O3 Kav 30 Sunter II
Bidang Industri: Perdagangan dan Distribusi

PT Astra International Tbk - Isuzu Sales Operation

Distribution, Retailing, and After Sales Service of Isuzu Products in Indonesian Domestic Market

Visi :

1. To be "the dealer of preference" of Isuzu CV business in Indonesia

2. To be one of the best managed company (LCV Distributor & CV Preferred Dealer) with the emphasis on sustainable growth, building competence through people development, efficiency, and environmental friendly

Misi :

1. Highly Competent and Productive People

2. Good Business Ethics & Strong and Efficient Business Process

3. Customer Centric Culture

4. Committed to doing business with Good Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility