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Bidang Industri: Teknologi Informasi

Established in 2005, PT. Xsis Mitra Utama (Xsis) is known as an IT player company who provides IT Expert Service, System Development Service, IT Managed Services, and IT Learning & Training Services. Supported by nearly 400 strong and certified talents, Xsis is recognized as a company who always commits to deliver the best value to its customers. One of the key success factors is People Readiness program, which was built and kept improved based on market demands, trends, as well as great methodologies. Those are the commitments shown which always colors the whole delivery processes as part of Equine Technologies Group philosophy.


Delivering services with proven track record as a provider of IT solutions and outsourcing, Xsis runs its people-readiness best practices thru training called "Bootcamp Program" (Software Engineer Development Program). With Bootcamp Program, resources obtained from the best graduates of well-known universities are assessed, and trained with both soft-skill and in-depth hard-skill, as well as other non-technical aspects but crucial for professional life. As a learning organization, we continuously shape our program to build people asset that meets customers’ requirements.

Achieving the great reputation company, will also attract and retain the best talents in the industry, which in return will strengthen the overall resources and our service quality. Some notable strengths of the company are :

Large candidate database and internal resources

Supports from IT group core team whose vast amount of IT experiences (With many IT background from different disciplines)

Strong and experienced Recruitment Center and Training Center

Unrivaled Information Technology Domain experienced team