Jl. Veteran No. 289, Tipes, Serengan, Kota Surakarta, 57154
Bidang Industri: Pelayanan Pendidikan


We are a Music-Based Semi Homeshooling, under Yayasan Pelangi Griya Nusantara, the name of which comes from the belief that school may become the second home after family, for those from various part of Indonesia.

Voicing music, we believe, has lots to do with health and hence education can benefit greatly from music and its derivatives.

Today, located in Solo Central Java, where we serve children from 1 year of age until junior secondary leves ages.

Who We Are :

1. Music Based

2. Pre-school until Junior Secondary Level

3. National Curriculum General School

4. Under the Education Ministry of Indonesia

5. Provide Programs for Parents.

The Base

"It's a correct foundation we want to build, in order to have the building above it stand firmly with flexibility because learning is never ever done".

Because talented childern are results of serious thoughts and practice. Therefore, our mission it to develop our students to their full potential, to inculcate in them sound values, with an excellence mindset, and to nurture them to be responsible and caring member of sodety.


1. Secure

2. Clean

3. Healthy

4. Loving

5. Resourceful

6. Musical